Top 5 napping spots on campus

Gina Russell naps in UH

Self-proclaimed napping connoisseur Gina Russell takes a rest in University Hall’s Port Center.

By Gina Russell

I consider myself a bit of a napping connoisseur. As a commuter for three years with 8 a.m. classes and breaks in between, I had no choice but to be resourceful.

So as a self-proclaimed expert on the subject, I compiled a list of UIC’s prime napping spots. Sleep away, my fellow sleep-deprived classmates.

Student Recreation Center, first-floor couches

I discovered this comfy spot my first week as a freshman. Beginners luck, I suppose. It started with a workout and ended with a nap. Because the Rec Center’s renovations are fairly recent, these couches are almost brand new. They’re large enough that you can spread out completely and comfortably. However, fair warning: make sure your nap doesn’t overlap with the open rock climbing hours (check out the schedule at It gets pretty loud, and you’ll miss out on prime napping time.


University Hall, couches in Port Center

As an English major, I spend a lot of time in University Hall. As a lover of strong coffee, the Port Center Café is my go-to for caffeine. To the right of the counter are stairs that lead you to a world of booths and couches perfect for naps. Another perk, there are always outlets open to charge your electronic devices. Recharge while you recharge.


Behavioral Sciences Building, couch and chair nooks

If you’ve ever been in BSB, you know it is essentially a maze. But you also know that each level has little nooks with couches and chairs. If it’s a Tuesday or a Thursday, you can most likely find me napping here, bookbag in lap (expert tip: always keep the bookbag on your lap). But fair warning, these nooks are a high-traffic area. If you don’t want classmates, professors and strangers seeing you nap, this is not the place for you. I, however, have no shame.


UIC Theatre, green room

Before I start, you should know something: I had an in on this one. I live with a theatre major who told me about this magical napping spot. Green rooms are typically meant for relaxation before performances, but UIC theatre majors have taken it to another level. Join them by heading over here for a nap, but don’t forget your bookbag for a pillow!


Richard Daley Library, everywhere

There’s something about the library that tires me out by just walking through the revolving doors. It could be the memories of finals week cram sessions that instantly make me sleepy, but regardless, our library has a surplus of quaint areas to nap. Maybe it’s the first floor couches when you walk in, or a chair in IDEA Commons, or maybe it’s the floor between rows of books. We’re in college, after all. No one is here to judge.

So those are my favorite napping spots. If you have your own, share them with a classmate or a friend if you’re feeling generous.

• Gina Russell is a senior in English.

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