8 great places on campus to focus before finals


Argo Tea is my go-to place on campus, says Bernie Williams. Photo: Joseph Horejs


With big papers and finals on the horizon, studying is becoming a vital part of students’ daily routines.

The campus can be loud, busy and crowded, which makes it hard to focus on gathering last-minute information from your notes, reading over course content or proofing your essay.

If you’re having trouble finding the ideal spot for your in-between class studies, look no further! I have gathered some of my favorite spots on campus and hope these will help on your quest for that immaculate 4.0 GPA.

Argo Tea

I cannot stress it enough, the addition of this café to Student Center East was a gift from above. After grabbing a green tea to calm your nerves before an exam, this spot allows you to relax in comfy chairs, small booths or discussion tables while you do some last-minute studying. This cafe is my go-to place.

East/West Terrace 

The terraces in Student Center East are perfect for studying with a friend for an upcoming exam or proofing your essay while eating lunch. The views are amazing, too. These spots are often full, so have a backup.

BSB basement 

The Behavioral Sciences Building, the most unique building on campus, houses a solitary studying area in the basement. The stairs in the middle of the infrastructure lead you down to the basement, which I use for cramming before an exam. Most students overlook this area of the building, leaving it calm and quiet. It has couches, chairs and a computer lab!

Stevenson Hall lobby

The independent study bar seating of the lobby in Stevenson Hall makes it perfect for on-the-go students grabbing last-minute information from notes. Utilize all that UIC has to offer; these renovated lobbies are perfect for quiet study.

Side note: If you need to print something and the library is full head over to the bottom floor of Burnham Hall. There’s a computer lab and printer that’s hardly ever full.

BSB Learning Center

Another favorite spot on campus is a useful nook of the Behavioral Sciences Building that’s mostly quiet. This center also has charging ports for smartphones, a computer lab and a help desk (in case your laptop crashes unexpectedly).

Third floor, Daley Library

The third floor of our library is the silent floor, unlike its fourth-floor neighbor. This is essential for the crammers on campus and a great place to focus.

IDEA Commons

A great spot for group studying! This distinct part of the library comes with large whiteboards for math/science majors, as well as huge couches for reading or nap breaks.

First floor, Student Center East

The WiFi reception is perfect there. Most students who use this floor know how amazing it is for studying. It also has vending machines for quick snack breaks.

Bonus tip

Remember to eat a full breakfast, study well and maintain a positive attitude and you will do fine on your exams! Good luck!

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