Travel bucket list

For the Fourth of July weekend, I went back to Chicago to celebrate with friends and family, which was a lot of fun. But seeing how a few of my coworkers took the long weekend to go on vacation got me thinking about where I would want to visit in the U.S. I thought of big cities, then researched bus ticket prices about a month ahead of when I’d want them. The estimated prices are for a one-way ticket (because #yolo), which are not too shabby considering distance, how much it’d cost on airplane and the experience you’ll have somewhere new. Let’s travel abroad in the USA!


Nashville blog

I’m not a huge fan of country music, but I want to check out Nashville’s music festivals.


Nashville ($40-70)

From Chicago, $40 is a good deal to visit a whole ‘nother world. Nashville is home of country music, so although I don’t consider myself a country fan, I would give their music festivals a try. I also want to learn how to square dance and find out if chivalry still exists.



new orleans blog

There’s good fun and fun in New Orleans!


New Orleans ($170)

As a foodie, I’m really excited about the chance to go to New Orleans because of their French creole cuisine that I haven’t had a chance to try here in Chicago. From what I see online, New Orleans looks very colorful and festive (Mardi Gras!).



Mapparium blog

I would love to walk through Boston’s Mapparium.


Boston ($200)

I’ve always wondered if Boston actually has a lot of shops with Boston creme pies. Only one way to find out! I would scour Boston’s bakeries and eat a scone while walking in a garden or harbor or inside the Mapparium, which is a walk-through, three-story stained-glass globe.




Hollywood blog

Hollywood, here I come!


Los Angeles ($240):

Hello, sunshine! Not only is it beach season, but you might also get to see your favorite celeb on the streets. Although LA might be a pricier vacation option, there are a ton of touristy things to do within reach so it means you don’t have to stay too long to experience it all. Places I’d want to see are the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Chinatown and Disneyland.


Paulina RicoJuarez


Paulina Rico-Juarez is a third-year computer science major, minoring in business administration. On campus, she is involved in the Honors College, Her Campus, LABS and SIG-Android. A Chicago native, Paulina is fluent in Spanish and Chinese and has assisted a bridal designer in Beijing. In her spare time, Paulina loves to Bollywood dance, run an online shop and write her personal blog. 


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