Two recognized for impact in management studies

Sandy Wayne

Robert Liden

Business faculty members Robert Liden and Sandy Wayne were recognized as top scholars in their field by the journal Academy of Management Perspectives.

The journal recognizes faculty for scholarly impact in the field of management, as measured by the total number of citations for publications between 1981 and 2011.

Among 384 scholars, Liden was ranked No. 71 and Wayne No. 107.  Their work has received a total of 6,220 citations.

Liden, professor of managerial studies, teaches courses in organizational behavior, leadership and research methods. His work includes projects with colleagues and students at UIC and researchers in Belgium, France, Hong Kong and China.

A study he is conducting with Wayne and doctoral students Chenwei Liao and Jeremy Meuser found that servant leadership (which prioritizes serving/supporting followers) positively influences organizational effectiveness, as well as individual employee performance.

“I was pleased to know that our research is having an influence on the field of management and organizational behavior and has contributed towards increasing the visibility and recognition of UIC’s College of Business Administration,” he said.

Wayne, professor of management, studies strategic human resource management, organizational behavior and leadership. Her research is designed to not only advance theory, but provide practical guidance to managers in the workplace.

Her current research concerns a human resource management practice called idiosyncratic deals (i-deals) — nonstandard work arrangements negotiated between employees and their employer that benefit both parties.  I-deals are often used to retain top performers.

“As a scholar, you always hope that your research will be impactful but you often don’t know if this is the case,” Wayne said.

“Being recognized as a top scholar in the field of management provides this feedback and increases my motivation to continue to focus on challenging, high-quality projects in the future.”

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