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Chicago skyline - blog photos

Hello everybody! My name is Timothy Nguyen and I am currently a sophomore at UIC. I haven’t declared a major yet, but I plan on transferring to the College of Engineering in Spring 2015 or Fall 2015 to pursue computer science.

Each week I will be talking about events or occurrences that I experience around campus. Since this is my first blog entry, I want to talk about my campus photos, which are my biggest contributions to the UIC community. I will break down the components (it takes to take a great picture) and explain what I look for in taking amazing photos of UIC.

There are many elements that make a great campus photo. Three main elements that I look for to combine and make a great UIC campus photo are a dramatic sky, the position or absence of the sun and a little bit of the Willis Tower. The sky is dramatic when there are clouds because clouds make the sky interesting. The sun gives warm, rich colors and depth to the clouds. Finally, the Willis Tower gives perspective and proximity to downtown Chicago from UIC.

Even though every day will not have the perfect clouds or the perfect sunlight, it is important to be persistent and patient until the perfect moment comes to capture it.



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