UIC FalconCam

For decades, UIC’s 28-story University Hall has been home to a peregrine falcon family nesting on its ledges. Once an endangered species, the falcons have made a dramatic comeback in the Midwest since Chicago Peregrine Release placed the first chicks atop University Hall in 1986. The falcons may be the fastest animals in the world — a diving falcon was clocked at 242 miles per hour. To see UIC’s resident raptors, look to the skies!

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Chicago Peregrine Program

The Chicago Peregrine Program oversees Illinois’ peregrine falcon population by monitoring nest sites, conducting scientific research and participating in public education. The site includes links to all six Midwest streaming falcon webcams, a map of territories, facts about falcons and what do if you find an injured bird. For more information, email chicagoperegrineprogram@squarespace.com

For information about the UIC nesting site, please contact Judee Olechno, Judee@uic.edu, 312-413-4465