UIC hosts prestigious Drug Discovery Symposium featuring world-renowned experts

The University of Illinois Chicago’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences invites the UIC community to a daylong Faculty Research Symposium on Drug Discovery on March 7. This unique event will bring together distinguished faculty members from UIC and across the nation, all actively engaged at the forefront of drug discovery.

UIC boasts a robust legacy in the realm of drug discovery, with 289 active licenses, 301 U.S. patents, and 279 non-U.S. patents within this domain. Notably, the HIV/AIDS drug Prezista, hailed as the most successful royalty-producing patent ever developed by University of Illinois System faculty, was the brainchild of former chemistry faculty member Professor Arun Ghosh. The symposium will feature insights from three LAS faculty members — Wonhwa Cho, Alexander Adibekian and Yury Polikanov —highlighting their cutting-edge drug discovery research at UIC.

The event’s roster is set to shine with keynote addresses from James Wells of the University of California, San Francisco, and Dennis Liotta of Emory University. Wells, an acclaimed authority in molecular medicine, brings decades of expertise in the design and engineering of proteins for therapeutic purposes. Liotta, a distinguished figure in organic chemistry, has made significant contributions to antiviral drug development and is recognized for his pivotal role in the discovery of Emtricitabine, a crucial component of HIV treatment.

Additionally, the symposium will include plenary sessions featuring Paul Hergenrother (UIUC), Matthew Disney (Wertheim UF Scripps), Brian Shoichet (University of California, San Francisco) and Christina Woo (Harvard). These experts cover a spectrum of drug discovery and chemical biology, showcasing the diverse and cutting-edge research in these fields.

The symposium promises a day filled with learning, scientific exchange and a celebration of scholarly achievements within the UIC community.

View the schedule and RSVP.

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