UIC Human Resources spring operations

As we start the spring semester, we wanted to give you an update on UIC HR Operations. We continue to have many of our staff work remotely where possible. We do have several members of our Service Center rotate in the office on a weekly basis to ensure processes can be completed as efficiently as possible. We also have members of our other teams rotate into the office, including Labor and Employee Relations, Extra Help and Recruitment teams on an as-needed basis. Our Testing Team continues to test applicants for Civil Service positions in SCE. HRB remains closed to visitors and is currently only accessible by swipe access for staff working in the building. The easiest way to reach us is via email. We are expecting that most staff will be available between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. to respond to your emails, process transactions, etc. If you need to speak with a member of HR, please send an email to them and they will schedule a WebEx, Skype, Zoom or other call with you.

Even though we are working remotely, all of our normal operations are fully functioning, so please continue to submit any HRFE transactions, requisitions for AP, CS, & EH hiring in HireTouch, Criminal Background Checks and all other transactions using our various electronic systems. The “Hiring Chill” still remains in place, so please continue to evaluate your hiring needs, and when submitting in Hire Touch, please provide detailed justification for filling your positions.  

The UIC HR Service Center will be available via phone and email and can be reached at (312) 413-3490. Background checks can still be submitted via fax at (312) 996-3837. This is the preferred method of submission. If fax is not available, the requests can be submitted via PEAR. Please include the following HR Service Center staff on all PEAR messages pertaining to background checks: Lashonda Ash, Sonia Ocasio-Alvarado, Tanasia Burton-Richardson, Shelissa Rodriguez and Odell Richmond. Due to the sensitive information on the forms, please do not submit requests via our standard UIC email. The PEAR system does not recognize email listservs, so all PEAR submissions need to be sent to the above individuals.

Please note the following HR Service Center Listservs/Emails that you can email depending on the type of question:

The UIC HR Help Desk will be able to assist applicants and employees with the HR Systems support (HireTouch, Banner, HR Front End, Tracker I-9, etc.). They can be reached at 312-413-4848 or uichrhelpdesk@uillinois.edu. For networking support (VPN, WiFi, etc.) please work with your individual unit technical support.

UIC HR Welcome Center staff will be available via phone and email to assist applicants and employees with application and general HR support. In-person or walk-in support will not be available until normal business operations resume. Welcome Center staff can be reached at 312-996-0840 or uichrwelcomecenter@uic.edu. Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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