UIC launches outdoor advertising campaign, contest

UIC’s spring outdoor advertising campaign showcases the University on billboards and buses.

UIC has launched a spring outdoor advertising campaign that showcases the University on billboards and buses in and around Chicago and its suburbs, as well as Northwest Indiana.

The campaign aims to raise brand awareness with simple, memorable messages that amplify UIC’s reputation and brand attributes with prospective students while also generating pride among students, employees and alumni.

The campaign features words like “discovery” and “innovate” with the “o” missing from the word. The UIC circle logo is dropped in below the word where the “o” would be, accompanied by the text “We’ll help you fill in the blank.”

“Even in our advertising, we want people to think,” said Katie Hession, Director of Marketing and Brand Management. “This campaign, as simple as it is, makes you work a little harder to figure out the word. As a result, you feel a bit clever. Our goals are simple: be memorable, generate more buzz, and get UIC’s name out in the market.”

UIC’s messaging will appear in English and Spanish on more than 50 static and digital billboards and 200 buses in Chicago and suburban areas from April through July.

UIC Marketing and Brand Management also is sponsoring an internal contest called “In a Word.” UIC students, employees and alumni can submit their favorite word that represents the UIC brand and has an “o” within the word. The winners will be featured on digital billboards around Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Enter the contest here.

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