UIC Motorsports exhibits talent at Chicago Auto Show

UIC Motorsports organization at their booth exhibit at the Chicago Auto Show tdow}, Feb. 13, 2020, in Chicago.   UIC Engineering/Jim Young
Students in UIC Motorsports are showcasing their vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show. Photo: UIC Engineering/Jim Young

UIC Motorsports is showcasing its mechanical expertise at the Chicago Auto Show through Feb. 17 at McCormick Place, 2301 S. King Drive.

UIC Motorsports/Society of Automotive Engineers, which is composed of UIC students, has been showcasing the vehicles they design and build at the auto show for the past eight years, said Joshua Yudys, president of UIC Motorsports.

For Yudys, the best part about the show is interacting with people interested in his group’s work.

“It really is a highlight to see kids with a big smile on their face inside a racecar and to let them know that they can do this too one day,” he said. “They can build these cars like we do and enjoy engineering like we do.”

Carlos Martinez, treasurer of UIC Motorsport added, “When the older kids start to think about college, it’s cool to share our experience with them to inform them about what we’re doing at UIC.”

Yudys said the team set up the show in just two weeks.

“It was a big hurdle to get all our work done,” he said.

The Motorsports team is full of talented students, as well as faculty adviser Jonathan Komperda, lecturer in mechanical and industrial engineering.

“UIC Motorsports team is very open and accepting of all that are interested in automotive engineering and cars and learning how cars work,” Yudys said.

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