UIC Police offer safe zone for online sales

UIC Police safe exchange zone

Meeting online buyers or sellers in person is now a little safer, thanks to UIC Police.

The department opened its district station front lobby to the public Aug. 14 as a Safe Exchange Zone, where people can carry out legal swaps, sales or purchases on campus, as well as make child custody exchanges. The Safe Exchange Zone is clearly marked in the first-floor lobby of the UIC Police Station.

“This is an opportunity for us to support everyone in the Chicago area and have a safe place for people to make transactions,” UIC Police Chief Kevin Booker said.

UIC Police safe exchange zone

From left: UIC Police Captain Stanley Grice, students Gauri Sanjay Soman and Alexander Dyckman, and UIC Police Chief Kevin Booker at the Safe Exchange Zone. (Photo: Jenny Fontaine)

Open 24 hours, the police-protected area has round-the-clock video surveillance, a seating area and appropriate lighting for meetups that happen during the day or after dark. UIC Police are supplying a tablet that buyers and sellers can use at the station. Officers hope the device will help people steer clear of any fraud-related losses.

“In the media, we’ve seen that people become victims of violent encounters during these exchanges,” said Stanley Grice, captain of administrative services.

Possession of weapons on university property is prohibited, so exchanges involving weapons are not permitted in the space.

Free parking is available for visitors, too. Designated parking spaces are located adjacent to the police station, 943 W. Maxwell St. Parking spaces and station entrances are accessible from Morgan and Maxwell Streets.

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