UIC Police roll out new patrol cars

UIC Police are deploying patrol cars with a newer, more modern look.

The fleet is being rolled out now through 2020 with 18 black vehicles sporting white wraps that outline the Chicago skyline and a UIC circle mark.

“Patrol cars have had the same design for over 15 years,” said UIC Police Chief Kevin Booker about the older branding on fleets.

The previous design featured white, red and blue markings. The refreshed look, which was created with help from UIC Marketing and Brand Management over the last several months, was finalized after receiving feedback from members of UIC Police.

“It’s a more community-friendly type design,” Booker said. “This style is also more visible, stands out and reflects the progressiveness of UICPD in general. The new patrol car design represents our connection with not just UIC, but the city of Chicago and surrounding communities, which, in turn, highlights our transparency and openness to those we serve.”

Students, staff and community members can see the new cars on campus when police are responding to calls or other incidents.

“Just one car has been transitioned so far,” Booker added, “but we’ll have all 18 marked cars transitioned in six to nine months.”

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