UIC Police: Watch out for email, phone scams

UIC PD shower shoe donationAt a time when electronic scams are on the rise everywhere, UIC Police ask students, faculty and staff to be on alert for fake emails and calls.

False job advertising by email or calls where scammers pose as government officials, for example, are convincing victims to send money or share personal information.

“People should not do either of those things if they’re unsure about whether or not a verified or credible individual or company is contacting them,” said Chief of UIC Police Kevin Booker.

One scam, for example, is an email with the words “Administrative Assistant” in the subject headline that requests recipients to send information, money or gift cards.

For calls, spoofing techniques, which hide or falsify caller IDs, allow scammers to disguise their identity and act as other people. Callers have claimed to represent the IRS, ICE, FBI and other federal or state agencies. Scammers may even divulge personal information about the victim to gain compliance.

Those calls may seem convincing for someone who may not know that law enforcement agencies consult with the UIC Police Department before executing or serving arrest warrants on campus.

“We want to educate people and get this information out there,” said Booker, who said that UIC Police will help victims of these crimes. “We’re a resource for them.”

Other indicators of scams include unusually high pay for a job, a job employer who is abroad and unable to meet in person, requests to complete tasks that may stir doubt or suspicion, requests for personal information or money, and requests for gift cards from various retailers.

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, contact UIC Police at 312-996-2830.

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