UIC Radio reflects student audience

UIC Radio DJ Mike Buraglio with guest Lili K

Neo-soul/jazz artist Lili K chats with student DJ Mike Buraglio March 5 during his “Cold Locals Radio” show on UIC Radio.

What’s the best way to describe UIC Radio programming? Diverse.

UIC’s official radio station features a wide range of musical genres, talk radio, news and public affairs programming.

“As a college radio station, we pride ourselves on diversity so we try to reach out to as many genres as possible,” production director Calvin Nichols said.

Like Pandora or Spotify, UIC Radio is strictly streamed online.

“Being an Internet-only radio station really allows us to represent a new generation of students. Students are online all the time and are using the Internet to be a resource of information and entertainment, and that’s really what UIC Radio is all about,” said Rhonda Laylo, general manager of UIC Radio.

The station, which recently celebrated its 13th anniversary, has 18 volunteer student DJs and eight volunteer student bloggers. DJs are selected at the beginning of each semester and no prior experience is required.

“We just have to see that they are enthusiastic about being on the station or in music,” Laylo said. “They will go through all the technical training if they get chosen.”

Some students who have worked at the station have gone on to find professional success in radio. Gabriel Ramirez, “Producer Gabe” on B96’s morning radio show, for example, was music director at UIC Radio.

“We take a lot of pride in that because he doesn’t have a broadcasting degree, but was able to turn a student volunteer position into a career,” Laylo said.

Student DJs also have the opportunity to interview local and national musicians. Guests have ranged from rapper Wale to Chicago-based neo-soul/jazz artist Lili K.

UIC Radio encourages students and student musicians to reach out to the station. Having a listening party? Invite UIC Radio. They will bring a camera crew and feature the show on their blog.

“We really want to be a hub for talent at UIC because there is so much talent at this school,” said Nichols, a senior in communication.

For more information and to stream the station, visit the website. 

Find out more about what’s coming up at UIC Radio on Twitter and Facebook.


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