UIC space safety guidelines update

With Chicago’s return to Restore Illinois Phase 4: Revitalization, UIC can resume in-person activities that are allowed by the plan. While this is exciting news, we do need to make sure that all in-person classes and extracurricular activities obtain the needed approvals to ensure required safety protocols are in place. This message does not apply to UI Health, Regional Campuses, or the Law School.

Requirements for Academic Classes

OVCAS executed a large project to evaluate and improve ventilation in teaching spaces planned for in-person use in the spring 2021 semester. A team of UIC staff and external consultants evaluated the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems for 335 rooms in 41 buildings on the UIC campus. These rooms were previously approved by the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) for compliance with the university’s COVID-19 guidelines. Following CDC guidance, the team worked to increase outdoor air ventilation to these spaces and ensured ventilation systems were operating properly. Please check the Ventilation Assessment website to ensure the locations where you are holding in-person classes are listed as “ready for use.”

Please note that to use a room that was not previously submitted and approved, the entire approval process may take a month or longer. Dean and vice chancellor approval is required, followed by a request to EHSO at health-safety@uic.edu.

Requirements for college/department-sponsored extracurricular activities

If your college or department would like to plan or resume any in-person extracurricular activity, approval is needed from the appropriate vice chancellor. Once vice chancellor approval is received, please request approval from EHSO by submitting a safety plan to the email address health-safety@uic.edu. The safety plan should contain the following information:

  • Event date, duration, frequency, proposed location, and expected number of attendees
  • If the event will involve food or a tent
  • Proposed layout of the event showing locations of tables, where attendees will sit or stand, and hand sanitizer locations
  • How social distancing will be ensured (i.e., will the places where people are to sit/stand be marked and will there be a monitor who monitors social distancing and mask usage?)

Student organization space request guidelines

Effective Feb. 19, UIC-registered student organizations wishing to reserve space for Student Center East, Student Center West, and outdoor areas in 2021 must use UIC Connection. The approval process will require submitting a safety plan for all events. Spaces will be open with lower capacities and may have limited availability. More information will be available on February 15 to assist with planning. Visit the Center for Student Involvement website to learn more and email StudentInvolvement@uic.edu with any questions or concerns.

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