UIC Transportation prepares to resume services Aug. 10

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (OVCAS) transportation department has long been committed to the ensuring the safety and mobility of the UIC community. It has been implementing increased measures to protect the university’s transit infrastructure during the COVID-19 pandemic since mid-February. The heart of its efforts has focused on disinfection practices, and when the second case of SARS-COV-2 was reported in Illinois, the department immediately adjusted and activated an emergency protocol for cleaning and disinfection.

All UIC buses, shuttles, paratransit and Night Ride vehicles are completely cleaned and disinfected prior to leaving the transportation facility and upon removal from service. The department utilizes Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-approved disinfectants, which are the same products used for ambulance decontamination and Personal Protective Equipment.

The OVCAS transportation department’s commitment to the UIC community’s safety and mobility has continued through each phase of the Restore Illinois plan. Its current safety measures and plans for the reestablishment of UIC transit programs have been shared with organizations like the National Association of Safe Ride Programs (NASRP) so they may be used in the development of similar programs at over 40 universities nationwide.

In addition to the initial measures, the department has done the following:

  • Installed separation barriers in Night Ride and paratransit vehicles
  • Blocked seating in transit shuttles and buses to maintain CDC-recommended 6-foot social distancing separation
  • Implemented a temperature screening station for employees
  • Developed disinfection protocols for CARS rental and departmental vehicles
  • Initiated a protocol to sanitize the fueling equipment three times daily
  • Purchased Center for Disaster Preparedness-recommended Aeroclave 3110 Electrostatic DECON units to deep clean passenger vehicles

To meet evolving demand expectations with buses that now have limited capacities, the department is currently evaluating the current routes for possible frequency and efficiency adjustments. It expects to resume its services on Monday, Aug. 10.

If you have questions or need additional information, please email rides@uic.edu.

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