UIC’s Lightboard Studio

Lightboard Studio

Have you been looking for a new way to create engaging videos for your students? Check out UIC’s Lightboard Studio and consider making a reservation to try it out!

What is the Lightboard Studio?

A lightboard is a sheet of tempered glass, edge-lit with LEDs, and when the glass is written on using a fluorescent marker, the ink will glow because of the edge lighting. A camera on the other side of the glass records the video while reversing the image to make the text readable to the viewer. The effect of this, from the teacher’s point of view, is that they’re writing on a surface analogous to a chalkboard while facing a camera; from the student’s point of view, the teacher is making eye contact while writing in midair. This allows the instructor to write and draw while maintaining eye contact to deliver their message in a natural and engaging way.

What are the benefits of using the Lightboard Studio?

In contrast to traditional video lecture methods (audio narration of static slides), the Lightboard Studio offers several advantages expected to make positive impacts on the student learner experience. Instructors can behave almost exactly as they would in a face-to-face lesson using the same set of tools they use in the classroom.

  • Eye contact – In a lightboard learning environment, students are able to make what they perceive as eye contact with the instructor, who is looking right at them from a position similar to what students experience in a face-to-face classroom.
  • Gestures – Instructors can utilize the full range of gestural and nonverbal communication, further engaging online students.
  • Integration – In a single scene, students can observe the instructor, the board, computer-generated graphics, and any physical objects (models, instruments, etc.) that are a critical part of the lesson.

UIC units producing Lightboard Studio content

One of the main uses of the Lightboard is to demonstrate complicated material, such as a mathematical formula or diagram. Presenters can write or draw as they explain the content, providing helpful visuals that can improve understanding.

The UIC School of Public Health is producting  Lightboard Student content, as well as the departments of mathematics, statistics, and computer science, physics, chemistry, kinesiology and nutrition, and population health nursing science. 

Please connect with CATE to explore various technology and pedagogy solutions to enhance student engagement, or reserve the Lightboard Studio to create your first recording.

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