Union vs city







“Here you have a union that’s decided to take on a very large city.”

Robert Bruno, professor of labor and employment relations, on the Chicago Teacher’s Union, Sept. 2 Chicago Sun-Times



“Most people think that a stroke is the end of life, but for me, it’s a whole new chapter in my life.”

Phillip Conybear, who used a shoe insert developed by physical therapy professor Alexander Aruin to improve mobility for people who have had a stroke, Sept. 5 Chicago Tribune



“We cannot yet speak of any important and permanent policy gain in the area of immigration that is about integration and legalization, although there have been many that have led to more enforcement, punishment and deportation.”

Amalia Pallares, associate professor of political science and Latin American and Latino studies, on President Barack Obama’s relationship with Latino voters, Sept. 6 Aljazeera News



“Improving economic opportunities is certainly one important piece of the puzzle. But a minimum-wage job isn’t going to make a big impact in a [high-crime] community, unless it’s also tied with intervention, improving education, having good laws and enforcement.”

Paul Schewe, associate professor of criminology, law and justice, on whether job creation has an impact on crime and violence, Aug. 28 Chicago Reporter



”The wheels of online commerce run on positive reviews. But almost no one wants to write five-star reviews, so many of them have to be created.”

Bing Liu, professor of computer science, who estimates that about one-third of online consumer reviews are fake, Aug. 26 New York Times



“The result is a philanthropic sector that is inseparable from the business sector, advancing school reforms that cannot help but to be framed by corporate profitability.”

Kevin Kumashiro, professor of Asian American Studies, on donations to education by philanthropies like the Walton Family Foundation, Aug. 29 NPR State Impact

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