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At a concert in Wrigleyville, Matt Hires played my favorite, “Restless Heart.” Photo: Kris Lori Photography


On a rainy evening, I made my way to Chicago’s Gman Tavern in Wrigleyville. In the backroom I met with Matt Hires as he was setting up his merchandise (which I forgot to buy – I missed out). We decided to conduct the interview after his performance, so my friends and I sat back and enjoyed his performance.

Matt Hires is from Tampa, Florida, and recently made the move to Tennessee. With songs that are based on creative stories, love, and causes, the man never stops writing music. His creativity continuously runs and the freedom to do what he wants has led him to leave the label he was once signed to. That doesn’t stop Hires – the tour he is doing is solely on his own. As he tours, he grows with new knowledge, new skills and meeting new fans.

Matt has a unique approach to his show. Of course he starts out with his set list of songs to perform; however, he doesn’t always stick to it. He asks the audience to shout out what songs they want to hear. Fans call out songs from all his past works of EPs and albums. He played my favorite, “Restless Heart,” and along with many others like “Heartache Machine” and “Red Eye” – great songs! He unplugged from this equipment, something I rarely see, and had the crowd sing along as he moved to the middle of the room.

Matt took the time to meet all his fans and chat to them, which is always so great to see musicians do. I feel like that always shows how grateful musicians are for their fans and appreciate them coming out. Matt and I made our way outside in the rain to conduct our interview. Fun fact: I made him hold the umbrella. Check out the interview on UIC Radio’s website!

Thank you again, Matt, for taking the time to chat with us. We hope you stop by UIC Radio next time you’re around Chicago!


Kris Fuentes Cortes (F)



Kris Fuentes Cortes is a senior in communication, a Boston native, an active student around campus, and a dreamer of working in the world of music. She wants to become a tour manager for a band and travel internationally while she’s still young. She’s the assistant marketing director for UIC Radio.


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