University-wide Gradescope license coming soon

Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) is excited to announce that a university-wide license for Gradescope will be available soon. Gradescope is an online rubric-based grading tool that can speed up and streamline grading, improve grading consistency and transparency, and help instructors provide more meaningful feedback on assessments.

Gradescope will be available in Blackboard courses and can be used for small classes, large classes, as well as in-person and online courses.

With UIC’s licensing, instructors have access to advanced reporting and analytics that can provide meaningful insights at the question and rubric level that can help instructors improve assessments and students’ learning.

Instructors and TAs that have used Gradescope have all expressed how much they love the use of the tool, as it makes grading faster and more consistent.

Register to attend Oct. 20 or Oct. 21 Gradescope webinars:

Learn more about Gradescope:

Please contact with any questions or to request help.

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