Upcoming changes to UIC login page

UIC Technology Solutions is pleased to announce that effective Feb. 14, the UIC login page used for many university services will be refreshed with a new look and updated content. Additionally, we are adding the ability to log in to more university services and applications using either your UIC email address or your UIC NetID.

What is changing for me?

Starting Feb. 14:

  1. The UIC login page (shown below) will be updated with a new look and updated content.

  2. You will be able to use either your UIC email address or UIC NetID, along with your UIC password, to log in to:

    • University services and applications using the UIC login page.
    • UIC-WiFi.
    • Windows computers managed by UIC, including those in University computer labs.

What is the UIC login page?

The primary UIC login page is encountered when logging into many university-supported applications and services, such as Blackboard, Google Workspace, Box, the UIC Help Center and LinkedIn Learning. Below is a preview of what the UIC login page will look like after the coming update.

Note that you will not have to take any action, update any bookmarks or reset your password to start using the updated login page.  

UIC login page as of Feb. 14:

Where can I learn more about this change?

To learn more about this change and see examples of the common and centrally supported university login pages, please view this article on the IT @ UIC website.

What is the difference between my UIC NetID and UIC email address?

  • Your NetID is a unique identity assigned to you for use across the University of Illinois System and serves as your username for many university computing and networking services.
  • Your UIC email address is your UIC NetID followed by “@uic.edu” (NetID@uic.edu).

Why is this change happening?

The UIC login page is being updated to align with current university branding, provide up-to-date help resources and reflect the ability to use your UIC email address or your NetID.

Which resources only accept NetID to authenticate?

The following resources do not support the use of your UIC email address and continue to require you to use UIC NetID to access:

  • UIC VPN.
  • Apple computers managed by UIC.
  • U of I Enterprise login page (see example of this page in the article linked above).

What else do I need to be aware of?

As always, it is important to keep your login credentials safe and be aware of where you enter your UIC login credentials. Be sure to review emails with links to external pages carefully and never enter login credentials on suspicious or unknown pages. Refresh yourself on the look of the official university login pages.

Learn more about this change.

Ask IT questions or share concerns.

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