Watch history in the making at election-night party

Election campaign buttonLive-streaming election coverage will give the UIC community a chance to get together and watch election results at a party Tuesday.

The event, 7 to 11 p.m. in Thompson Room A, Student Center West, includes free food, games and politically themed prizes and UIC gear.

“Raffle tickets will be given for wearing your ‘I voted today’ sticker and for doing well in Election Style Jeopardy,” said Carrie Grogan, associate director of campus programs.

“But if you want to do your homework, you can just come hang out and watch the results too.”

Prizes include UIC snuggies and hoodies, movie ticket vouchers, trivia games, books and bobble heads of both presidential candidates.

An Election Day Kick-Off Party will be held earlier that day in the Commuter Student Resource Center, 240-248 Student Center East behind the Inner Circle food court.

Students can snack on popcorn and watch “The Campaign” starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis at noon, 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

When Grogan was in college, she went to a similar event.

“It was cool to be there together and all be in the same room when it happened and to have an experience of the election, something to look back on, not just a regular day,” she said.

The political science department, Undergraduate Student Government and Campus Housing will provide election trivia for the Election Style Jeopardy, but “don’t let that intimidate you,” Grogan said.

“The questions are about things we learned in middle school.”

International students are encouraged to attend to learn more about the American election process.

For undergrads on the east side of campus, there are several options for transportation to Student Center West: the UIC Intracampus Shuttle, the CTA 7 bus toward Central from Harrison and Halsted, and the CTA 12 Bus toward Central/Harrison from Roosevelt and Halsted.

“We are having more events on the west campus this year because we want to encourage more interchange between the two campuses,” Grogan said.

The events are sponsored by Campus Programs, Campus Housing, the political science department, Undergraduate Student Government and the Commuter Student Resource Center.

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