Weekly Advisory: January 2, 2013

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Fiscal Cliff Deal: The “fiscal-cliff” deal that was passed will do little to fix the anemic recovery of the U.S. economy, says Lawrence Officer, UIC professor of economics. “This is just kicking the problem down the road,” says Officer, who specializes in international economics and economic history. Contact Jeffron Boynés, (312) 413-8702; jboynes@uic.edu

True Fiscal Cliff: For most households, the last-minute “fiscal-cliff” deal didn’t deal with the big problem: sequestration, or across-the-board budget reductions, tied to the debt limit. “That’s the true fiscal cliff,” says Marcus Casey, UIC assistant professor of economics. “If there is a long, protracted fight over that, it will certainly affect economic growth, and thus, job growth.” Contact Jeffron Boynés, (312) 413-8702; jboynes@uic.edu

Same-sex Marriage:  A bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Illinois could be introduced by legislators this week. Social movement expert John D’Emilio, UIC professor of gender and women’s studies and history, can address local and national issues related to the campaign for marriage equality and the transforming status of gays and lesbians over the last half century. Contact Brian Flood, (312) 996-7681; bflood@uic.edu

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