Welcome to UIC!

Welcome to UIC!

Dear UIC Students,

The UandICare program is happy to introduce a new video entitled, “You Are Welcome Here”. UIC is proud to join a national campaign which began at Temple University. The intention of the campaign is to create more welcoming campus environments for diverse student populations.

The UIC video is a collaborative, campus initiative designed to welcome you to our campus. The Office of the Dean of Students works with many campus partners to provide you with a caring and supportive environment. We encourage you to join us in creating a welcoming community. A small gesture, even just saying, ‘you are welcome here’ can make a big difference.

Please take a look at our video, “You Are Welcome Here” at http://uandicare.uic.edu.

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1200 W. Harrison St.
Suite 3030 SSB
Chicago, IL 60607


Contact: dos@uic.edu

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