Wepa Print Station locations available for printing services

As a reminder, printing services are available to students at accessible Wepa print stations located throughout campus during closures. Wepa is a cloud-based printing service that allows you to print directly from various sources including Blackboard, Google Drive, email, mobile and USB.

To view a list and map of accessible Wepa print stations on campus, please visit it.uic.edu/wepa-locations.

Touch-Free Printing
Wepa Express, a feature in the Wepa mobile app, allows you to release the documents in your queue at any print station without having to touch the screen, or lets you give a secure Wepa Code to another person to have them release the documents on your behalf, without giving them access to your account.

Learn more about Wepa touch-free printing here: it.uic.edu/news-stories/touch-free-printing-with-wepa

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