Where will you be in 5 years?

blogA lot can happen in five years. Lately I’ve been getting asked this question a few times, so I actually decided to ponder for a bit: “Where do you see yourself.. five years later?”

Right now, I am a college student who is probably involved in way too many things (but who cares, right?). Studying, cramming and not getting enough sleep is a thing. And the amount of tea is never too much!

But what about the future?  It’s not like we contemplate and think about what we want to do for the rest of our lives, and cry, almost everyday. Well, maybe we do. Actually, I’m pretty sure we do a lot of that.

Since I think about the future way too often, here is my answer to where I see myself in five years. I want to be an owner of a swanky apartment somewhere not too far and not too close from the heart of the city, maybe Lincoln Park. And I imagine myself drinking tea in the morning while taking a stroll through Lake Shore Drive, and later heading to work as a writer in a cool office space. Yep. This is “the dream” in a way. Will I actually achieve this, only time will tell!

I hope that everyone can do this mini-exercise or assignment; it’s cool thinking about the next five years. Because, believe it or not, time will fly by.

Think about what you can do right now, to put yourself in the path of success. And don’t forget about your why. Why are you doing this, why is this your purpose? Remember, no future is the same. Just like the answer to this question will be different based on the person.

So ask yourself this: “What will you be doing in the next 5 years?” Will you graduate school with a degree? Will you find your future job? Or will you travel the world to find eternal peace? No dream is too small or absurd! So go out and do everything you want to achieve!


Brigita KanclerisBrigita Kancleris is a sophomore majoring in English. When she isn’t busy being part of SAB and CHAARG on campus, she will usually be writing down ideas for her next piece. She wants to be a travel editor so she can share her experiences and turn them into works for everyone to read. She enjoys skiing, traveling and all things winter. Did we mention how much she loves tea (like obsessed)? Watch out UIC, this Lithuanian will stop at nothing to reach her dreams!

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