Wind ensemble’s fast-paced concert to present world premieres

Jess Turner; Wind Ensemble Concert

Jess Turner

The University of Illinois at Chicago Wind Ensemble will perform “Hit and Run,” a fast-paced concert featuring classic works from the wind repertoire along with two exciting world-premiere pieces, at an upcoming campus performance.


March 2
7:30 p.m.


UIC Theatre
1044 W. Harrison St.


The concert is not only a showcase for new works—it is also a celebration of the department of music’s burgeoning percussion culture. Under the baton of conductor José Oliver Riojas, the UIC Wind Ensemble will play alongside a dizzying array of percussion instruments ranging from marimba to trash can.

Composer Jess Turner’s world premiere of “Nothing to Fear, Nothing to Doubt,” will open the concert followed by British composer Gustav Holst’s First Suite in E-flat.

The world premiere of Kevin Bobo’s “Architecture of a Dream” explores a sonic dreamscape that he says is “meant to capture the bizarre twists and turns dreams often take.”  UIC professor Jordan Kamps will play the School of Theatre and Music’s brand-new marimba.

Russell Peck’s “The Glory and the Grandeur” features three expert percussionists — Peter Ferry, Chris Sies, and Kamps — performing in a veritable jungle gym of percussion instruments. The intricate choreography and cooperation necessary to perform this piece gives the audience plenty to watch, as well as to hear.

Closing the concert is John Mackey’s “Asphalt Cocktail,” which evokes the sound and fury of a busy cityscape. In his notes on the piece, Mackey invites the audience to “picture the scariest NYC taxi ride you can imagine, with the cab skidding around turns as trucks bear down from all sides.”

With “Hit and Run,” the UIC Wind Ensemble invites its audience to buckle up for a sonic adventure, full of new discoveries and classic favorites.

While ticket price recommendations are $10 for general admission and $5 for students, music performances are “pay what you can” and admission for UIC students is free with an i-card. Tickets are available at the door.

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