Your UIC Bucket List

students on exercise machines with a view of the Sears Tower

Enjoy the view while you work out at the Student Recreation Facility.

I’m continuing the countdown to the end of my time at UIC again this week with another reflective blog. I know that at one point, I wrote about my unbucket list, but today I’m coming to you with something different; I’ve compiled a list of things I’m proud to say I’ve done while at UIC that I think everyone needs to experience at least once. We have UIC Experience certification for a reason– there is so much to do and see while attending the university that you don’t want to miss out on. Don’t just go to class and leave – make the most out of this phenomenal experience! I know that in a few short weeks when I leave campus for the final time, I will be able to turn around for one final glance and be happy with the experience I have had here. Let’s make sure you can do the same!

As always, if you have any others that you’d add to this list, tweet me @hbrenza!

  •  Learn to navigate BSB. Don’t give up on this dream! It’s possible and think about how proud you’ll be when you are able to do this!
  • Explore the Art & Architecture Building. UIC’s own taste of Hogwarts! With crazy staircases and interestingly shape classrooms, this adventure will not disappoint.
  • Get food at the Inner Circle. Sure, maybe not the most exciting thing, and maybe you do this all the time, but every student needs to experience this at least once.
  • Make a kickbutt schedule. No Friday class? First class at noon? We all dream of that perfect schedule. Why not do everything you can to have at least one semester like this?
  • Exercise at the rec center. When will you ever have such a nice facility at your fingertips? (Hint: probably never.) Use it before you lose it.
  • See the skyline from every angle on campus. Seriously – wherever you are, look up. You’ll be amazed at the view.
  •  Attend sporting events. With beautiful fields/courts and strong athletes, why wouldn’t you want to take in a game or two?
  • Live on campus. If this is at all possible for you, make it happen. Living on campus has been such an incredible experience that I would regret never doing.
  • Keep up with UIC News to stay in the know. My weekly dose of campus news helps me feel very much a part of the UIC community and aware of what’s going on on campus.
  • Pull an all nighter. Perhaps not the most fun activity, but certainly a college requirement at least once! Extra points if you watch the sun rise.
  • Join clubs and organizations. Being a part of something you care about is such a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity.
  • Go to a professor’s office hours/get to know your educators. Have you ever realized how interesting our professors are? Learn as much as you possibly can from them.
  • Get excited about a class – genuinely excited. This isn’t hard to do, so long as you are passionate about what you’re studying (you’ll know it when you find it.)
  • Go to on campus events. Don’t be a hermit. There is so much going on every week! Keep up on the latest and get out to events.
  • Climb a tree, play frisbee or catch – use the green space on campus! Enjoy yourself on campus, whether it’s during break between classes or on the weekend.
  • Work at an on-campus job. Great work experience, a stronger connection to campus – what more could you ask for?
  • Visit an advisor to make sure you are on track with your studies. Remember why you’re here, and make use of your resources.
  • Bowl, swim, rock climb! From the comfort of campus!
  •  Complete the UIC Experience. Looking for more ideas on how to make the most of your time here? Complete your certification by having fun!
  • Make lifelong friends. What’s school without great friends?
  • Get a fantastic education in an amazing city. Check!


Holly Brenza (F)


Holly Brenza is a senior majoring in English and minoring in communications and management. In her spare time, Holly enjoys playing with her puppy, Bear, and watching the Blackhawks and White Sox, reading and trying out new recipes. After graduation, she hopes to work in public relations.


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