2020 CTA Summer U-PASS Program

Dear UIC Students,

Please read the entirety of this e-mail as the Summer 2020 CTA U-PASS program will be different than any previous semester.

For summer 2020 only, the CTA U-PASS is being offered to students who OPT-IN to the program. The 2020 CTA Summer U-PASS program will be available for any full-time summer session student that elects to opt-in prior to May 10. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made to missing this deadline.

The summer U-PASS will be active from June 1 through August 12, and the corresponding fee of $94 will be applied to your student account after June 1. This is not a mandatory fee, so it will not be included in your financial aid “cost of attendance.”

This benefit is only available to full-time (6+ credit hours for undergraduate/professional and 5+ credit hours for graduate level) summer session students.

  • The summer U-PASS will be active from June 1-August 12.
  • The deadline to OPT-IN for the summer U-PASS is May 10 at midnight CDT. After the deadline, the opt-status cannot be changed.
  • If there is a change in your credit hours prior to June 1, it may impact your ability to participate.
  • All students are opted-out by default unless otherwise specified by the student.

To opt-in to the Summer 2020 U-PASS program, visit the website below where you’ll be asked to confirm and provide a shipping address to receive your new U-PASS. For students with existing U-PASS cards, the standard policies on lost/replacement cards will still be enforced.

To opt-in to the Summer 2020 U-PASS program, visit: go.uic.edu/summer_upass

Thank you,

Rex Tolliver
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

For more information, please contact:
ID Center

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