2023-24 Teaching Recognition Program winners

The Teaching Recognition Program is UIC’s self-nominated, faculty-administered teaching award program. Offered through the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the program offers a $1,500 increment to the annual base salary of faculty who have documented their teaching excellence over the past three academic years. All tenured and tenure-track faculty, clinical faculty and others with a demonstrated long-term commitment to teaching at UIC (such as lecturers and instructors) are eligible to apply.

Faculty members selected for the 2023-24 academic year:

James Cooper, College of Business Administration
Jonathan Fisher, College of Medicine
Yuheng Hu, College of Business Administration
Leah Lebowicz, College of Applied Health Sciences
Eric Leshikar, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Carrie Pichan, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Luis Gabriel Ganchinho de Pina, College of Engineering
Kim Potowski, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Shanon Reckinger, College of Engineering
Kristine Schutz, College of Education
Jessica Shaw, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Karen Su, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Swee Tan, College of Dentistry
Rebecca Teasdale, College of Education
Katie Vanderzwan, College of Nursing
Judy Yuan, College of Dentistry

For more information, please contact:
Teaching Recognition Program

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