Announcing UIC John Marshall Law School

Dear students, faculty and staff: 
Today marks a historic moment at the University of Illinois at Chicago as we proudly announce the establishment of the UIC John Marshall Law School. As UIC’s 16th college, the law school will further UIC’s mission and commitment to public education, scholarship, research and community service. It also advances UIC as a world-class university and creates an opportunity to increase the diversity in the legal profession in Chicago and beyond. 

The UIC John Marshall Law School is Chicago’s first and only public law school. As part of UIC, the law school will provide opportunities for students to do new joint-degree and dual-degree programs and for law faculty to collaborate in interdisciplinary teaching, research and community engagement. UIC colleges and departments across the university will be able to leverage their strengths in disciplines such as the health sciences, engineering, urban planning, public administration, the social sciences and business to collaborate with the law school and broaden curriculum and research.

We want to thank Darby Dickerson, Dean of the UIC John Marshall Law School, and the numerous faculty, staff and students from John Marshall and UIC who served on the 12 transition teams and in other capacities. These colleagues have worked tirelessly to make this ambitious project a reality, and we are deeply grateful. UIC began this journey more than three years ago, and after the University of Illinois Board of Trustees and The John Marshall Law School Board of Trustees approved moving forward in July 2018, we sought and received approvals from the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Higher Learning Commission, the American Bar Association and the U.S. Department of Education.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead, beginning next week with the arrival of the first-ever class of UIC law students. To John Marshall’s students, faculty, staff, administration and alumni — welcome to the UIC family! 

Michael Amiridis 
Susan Poser 

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