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Michael Scott and students

April 2, 2013

A hands-on approach to learning

It’s not how good a teacher you are; it’s how much your students learn, says engineering professor Michael J. Scott.

Barbara J. Risman

April 2, 2013

Gender, culture and expectations

“I’ve spent my whole career writing a theory of gender inequality,” says Barbara Risman, head of sociology.

Bentley Demuth outside the Flames Athletic Center

March 19, 2013

Joel Demuth serves on land and water

Joel Demuth is a Division I athlete — a swimmer — and an ROTC cadet, a rare combination.

Shawn Ruder

March 12, 2013

Grad student wants to be a millionaire

Shawn Ruder’s passion for trivia won him a spot on a TV quiz show, airing Monday.

James Gleeson

March 12, 2013

Impact of kinship care on families, kids

For grandparents who are caring for their grandkids, “it’s a double-edged sword,” says James Gleeson.

Saru Jayaraman

March 6, 2013

Slim wages for food workers

Restaurant workers can’t afford to put food on their own tables, says Saru Jayaraman.

David Williams

March 5, 2013

David Williams revisits city’s infamous crimes

Students learn about Chicago by studying the city’s infamous crimes — and the trials that resulted.

Recycle Mania Tournament logo

March 5, 2013

Recycling program gets boost from grants

UIC hopes to take recycling to a new level with two new state grants.

Murray Ardies

February 26, 2013

C. Murray Ardies writes the book on health

When he came out with “The Optimal Health Guide” in 2007, C. Murray Ardies was just getting started.

Donna Brazile

February 26, 2013

Fighting for ‘life, liberty, pursuit of happiness’

Donna Brazile speaks with the soft drawl of her native New Orleans, but she carries a big stick.

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