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Janet Smith

December 5, 2012

Janet Smith knows the neighborhood

Janet Smith studies neighborhood change as co-director of UIC’s Voorhees Center.

William Benton Whisenhunt

November 28, 2012

Ben Whisenhunt gives CoD students a global perspective

Take a history class from Ben Whisenhunt and you could end up in Russia.

Anne Shaeffer, founder of Sulpice Chocolat

November 7, 2012

Profile: Anne Shaeffer mixes passion for art, chocolate

For Anne Shaeffer, her chocolate business represents the perfect storm. “My love for chocolate, my love for art and my love for starting a business — I took all these passions of mine and merged them into one,” she says.

Carolyn Lullo

November 2, 2012

Carolyn Lullo helps people who have disabilities stay fit

“I get to hear the voices of individuals who haven’t always had the opportunity to be heard”

James Cracraft

October 24, 2012

James Cracraft details encounter between ‘two shining souls’

Jane Addams thought so highly of Leo Tolstoy that she traveled all the way to Russia just to spend a few hours with him. Historian James Cracraft documents the story of their mutual admiration in his new book.

October 17, 2012

New course takes students to subarctic Canada

The Northern Lights, beluga whales, permafrost — EaES400 is a course like no other.

Caleb Kestle

October 17, 2012

Profile: anthropologist Caleb Kestle finds clues in animal bones

Caleb Kestle examines ancient animal bones — white-tailed deer, the smaller brocket deer, pig-like peccaries and the guinea pig-like agouti — to discover what it was like 400 to 600 years ago in southern Mexico.

strength and conditioning coach Nick Zostautas

August 8, 2012

Olympic wrestler praises Flames coach for pain and gain

When Jake Herbert hits the wrestling mat Saturday for Team USA at the Olympic Games, UIC coach Nick Zostautas will be watching.

July 3, 2012

Falcon chick may be Rosie’s last

It’s been an annual tradition since 1999: the banding of the falcon chicks born to Rosie, UIC’s resident peregrine, high on a ledge of University Hall. Last week’s banding may be the last one, though.

Yasen Peyankov in the Broadway production of "Superior Donuts"

September 8, 2010

Yasen Peyankov says neon lights ARE bright on Broadway

Yasen Peyankov is still on a high from his first steps on the Broadway stage, where he reprised his role in the Tracy Letts play “Superior Donuts.”

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