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Virginia Rasmus, Alexander Aruin, and Sailee Jaghane

January 27, 2015

Health benefits of playing catch: fewer falls for older adults

Training exercise could improve balance, researcher says

Physical therapy professor Alexander Aruin

January 9, 2015

Playing catch can improve balance, prevent falls in older adults

Research finds improvement after exercises with weighted medicine ball

Cyber-commons classroom, Electronic Visualization Laboratory

December 17, 2014

‘Draw me a picture,’ say scientists; computer may respond

Designing a computer that understands murky instructions

Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares

December 4, 2014

UIC joins Obama initiative to expand college access

Chancellor at White House to join push for student recruitment, retention

artistic view of computer circuit

December 2, 2014

Computer science among top 50 in innovation

Department ranked No. 26 for research centers, faculty

December 2, 2014

Artificial intelligence helps Chicago-area travelers fight traffic

College of Engineering develops software to prevent costly delays

artistic view of computer circuit

December 1, 2014

UIC’s computer science department ranked No. 26 ‘most innovative’

Listed among best in U.S. for tech facilities, faculty, research centers

November 25, 2014

Fascinated by science on a very small scale

Engineering researcher studies ‘small jets, tiny droplets and thin films’

John F. Dillenburg

November 25, 2014

UIC’s Artificial Intelligence Lab wins $5.5 million IDOT contract

Real-time travel information reduces congestion that wastes $6.2B per year

November 18, 2014

Building a camera that sees 360 degrees in 3D

$3 million National Science Foundation grant for new device

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