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tree in fall

August 27, 2013

What road are you taking?

Sometimes it’s best to take the path that is unpopular

Richard Carlin

July 17, 2013

Deaths: Richard Carlin, chemistry

Researcher, mentor, musician and photographer

Warren Webb

July 17, 2013

Deaths: Warren Webb, UIC Library

Nicknamed “Internal Reference Desk” for his encyclopedia knowledge

Irina Nenciu

July 16, 2013

Mathematician seeks new ways to analyze real-world problems

What do solutions look like for very large times?

Wenjing Rao

July 16, 2013

Improving performance of nanotransistor technology

How do you guarantee ultra-small electronic circuits will perform reliably?

Crowd in Soldier Field with fireworks behind

July 9, 2013

Summer starts with Spring Awakening

Electronic dance music fest big draw for UIC students

Dana Dooley wearing an owl hat

July 2, 2013

Mad hats: owls, beards and Vikings

Crafty UIC grad turns hobby into a business

Arnold Randall

June 18, 2013

Forest Preserver

The Cook County Forest Preserves is celebrating its centennial, and Arnold Randall wants you to visit

Jana Knoppe & coach Shannon Tully talk at the tennis net

May 15, 2013

Women’s tennis coach wins Midwest honors

Shannon Tully named region’s Wilson/ITA Coach of the Year

Jana Knoppe

May 10, 2013

Women’s tennis falls in NCAA first round

The women’s tennis team ended its season Friday after falling to No. 11 Northwestern, 4-0.

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