Bill Nye brings fun of science to UIC Forum

Bill Nye

Bill Nye visits campus Nov. 11. “He excited kids into going into STEM fields, an excellent thing for the future of science,” says physics professor Dirk Morr. Photo: Ed Schipul


The euphoria students experienced in elementary school when the Panasonic TV was rolled into science class will return Nov. 11, when Bill Nye the Science Guy visits campus.

Nye, in his iconic sky blue lab coat and quirky bow tie, transformed science into excitement for kids. He’ll appear in person at “An Evening with Bill Nye,” 7 p.m., UIC Forum. Doors open at 6 p.m.; students and employees must show their i-card to enter the show.

The event, sponsored by the Student Activities Board, “will explore a variety of topics pertaining to science and current scientific events, among other things,” said Yebin Lee, executive board member for the Student Activities Board.

Through polling, surveys and discussions with students, the Student Activities Board narrows down choices for its annual fall lecture. Nye consistently topped the charts.

“Nye is fluent in science, current events, business and has many talents, including being a comedian, actor and entertainer,” Lee said. “It is unsurprising students want to gain more knowledge from a well-rounded man with many experiences.”

His educational mission mirrors UIC’s, said Jaqueline Rojas Robles, executive board member.

“We can relate to him,” she said. “His agenda has a lot to do with sustainability and feminist topics — things that are addressed through the efforts of the Women’s Leadership and Resource Center and Office of Sustainability, among others.”

Nye has helped a generation of students love science, said physics professor Dirk Morr.

“It is very important we show how science is done. Bill Nye does a great job communicating that,” Morr said. “He excites kids into going into STEM fields, an excellent thing for the future of science and innovation.”

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