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A man posses for a photo with multiple foam pyramids pointing towards him in the background

April 17, 2024

Rising Star Award: Pai-Yen Chen, College of Engineering 

How can new wireless technologies improve healthcare, security and energy?

A man in a lab coat sits of several monitors in a lab

April 17, 2024

Distinguished Researcher Award: Robert Klie, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

How can we see the fundamental building blocks of life and matter?

April 17, 2024

New institute bonds UIC and Argonne National Laboratory on research and education 

George Crabtree Institute for Discovery and Sustainability will spearhead collaborative research, training and community-based initiatives

Adam Goodman headshot. Photo by Jenny Fontaine - University of Illinois Chicago

April 16, 2024

Rising Star Award: Adam Goodman, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

How did the history of U.S. immigration shape our modern world?

A man faces students in a conference room

April 16, 2024

Faculty Mentor of the Year Award: Todd Lee, College of Pharmacy

Helping students map out their professional future 

A woman sits at her desk

April 15, 2024

Rising Star Award: Natasha Crooks, College of Nursing 

How can we better protect Black girls’ and women’s sexual and reproductive health?

A woman stands in front of a UIC Nursing banner

April 15, 2024

Distinguished Researcher Award: Ardith Doorenbos, College of Nursing

Are there proven alternatives to medication for managing pain?

A man in a lab coat works with test tubes in a laboratory.

April 15, 2024

Inventor of the Year: Deepak Shukla, College of Medicine 

Can new drugs prevent blindness and other damage from herpesvirus infections?

Liz Marai, associate professor of computer science at the UIC College of Engineering

April 12, 2024

Pilot research institutes kindle interdisciplinary activity across UIC

New pilot institute will tackle AI bias in health care, joining three ongoing research efforts

Students sit at tables eating lunch in a round room with wooden rafters and a round stained glass window in the center.

April 10, 2024

New project promotes safer, sustainable to-go food packaging 

EPA-funded project will work with restaurants and universities on easing transition to PFAS-free, reusable and biodegradable products

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