Chancellor Search Advisory Committee

Dear colleagues,

Following the announcement of the appointment of Chancellor Michael Amiridis as president of the University of South Carolina, the UIC Senate Executive Committee received the request of President Timothy Killeen to form a committee to advise him on the selection of a new chancellor at UIC. On Feb. 16, the UIC Senate approved a document titled “Procedures for Selecting a Committee to Advise the President on the Selection of a Chancellor at UIC,” which can be viewed online. In this document, the Senate has defined the composition of the advisory committee, as well as the procedures for selection of committee members representing the many communities at UIC.

In brief, the advisory committee will be comprised of 19 members: nine faculty members (one to serve as chair and eight additional members); two students (one undergraduate student and one graduate or professional student); two deans or directors; one academic professional employee; one staff member; one alumnus/alumna; one representative of the University of Illinois Foundation; one representative of the Chicago community; and one nominee for the diversity, equity, engagement and inclusion position. To ensure a representative committee, the president may appoint no more than five additional faculty members after the action of the Senate.

We seek your assistance in identifying a pool of faculty nominees from which the Senate Executive Committee, at its Feb. 23 meeting, will develop a slate of 16 nominees for the additional faculty positions. The nominees will be grouped as eight members from the health science colleges and eight from the non-health science colleges. Each group will consist of four tenure-track faculty and four non-tenure-track faculty. The Senate Executive Committee will select a nominee for chair and the president will ratify the nominee. The Senate, at its March 2 meeting, will elect eight members of the committee, again proportioned equally between the health science and non-health science colleges and tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty. Nominations may also be made from the floor, but must be accompanied by an agreement to serve from the nominee. Only faculty senators will vote.

Therefore, we ask faculty to nominate members for the advisory committee; faculty may also self-nominate. Brief (one-page) letters of nomination of those who represent the diverse perspectives of the campus are welcomed. Please send names of nominees via email by noon Monday, Feb. 21, to Elizabeth Dooley, Clerk of the Senate, at


Donald J. Wink
Professor and Chair of the UIC Senate Executive Committee

For more information, please contact:
Elizabeth Dooley

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