Degree of importance

Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson, UIC graduate and New York Yankee centerfield. Photo: Epic Marketing & Events

“I realized at a very early age how important education is and I am proud to have a college degree.”

Curtis Granderson, UIC graduate and New York Yankee centerfielder who donated funds for a new baseball stadium on campus, Nov. 8


“We [undocumented youth] started realizing that the more public we were about our status, the more militant our actions, the more we could put pressure on people.”

Lulú Martinez, UIC student and immigration reform activist, named a 2013 Chicagoan of the Year, December Chicago magazine


“There are no quick fixes. There are no easy ways to do these things. But with patience, perseverance and good people working on a daily basis and on the same page … we were able to have a season like last year.”

Howard Moore, head men’s basketball coach, on prospects for this year’s season, Nov. 7 Chicago Tribune


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