Doctoral student studies physics in Switzerland

Ahmed Mohamed (right) spent his summer in Switzerland through the ThinkSwiss Scholarship.

UIC doctoral student Ahmed Mohamed enjoyed new culture while participating in research related to his field this summer.

Mohamed was a recipient of the ThinkSwiss Scholarship, which is awarded annually to 20 students. ThinkSwiss provides research experiences and courses to qualified students from across the United States and Canada. Students accepted into the program conduct research at a public Swiss university or research institute.

Mohamed conducted research at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, a prestigious university in Switzerland. His work focuses on working with Silicon nanowire transistors.

After spending around three months researching, Mohamed then had the opportunity to present his findings, answer questions and submit a final report.

“I can clearly say that it was the best summer I had. Every part of Switzerland is beautiful.” Mohamed said. “It was more than just a work experience.”
Participating in the ThinkSwiss program has continued to spark Mohamed’s interest in collaboration with different institutions across the world.

“Anything that comes out of collaboration is worth it,” he said.

Mohamed plans to continue his research and hopes to return to Switzerland in the future.
“If I find another opportunity like this, I’d definitely go back,” he said.

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