Outside The Box – Innovation Workshop for High Schoolers

Date / Time

April 22, 2022

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


This program is sponsored by the Provost to improve entrepreneurial spirit at UIC. The purpose of the program is to build a cohesive network that allows students to behave as future leaders, by giving them the tools needed to potentially launch enterprises that have the right ingredients for success.

This workshop is designed for high school students who are passionate to make a change in the world. It gives them an opportunity to gain insight into creative problem solving and innovation methodology taught at UIC. This is a 2-3 hour program that occurs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday based on the availability of the high school students starting April 1. Currently, it is conducted online, but will eventually be held in person. 

They will work in a collaborative learning environment to create a solution to a problem and develop a pitch for their idea. Through this workshop, students gain crucial entrepreneurial skills such as idea generation, pitch building, and conducting exploratory research. What’s in it for students? Get to interact with UIC students from various backgrounds and be able to explore the idea of a career in entrepreneurship, while gaining insight into the college experience.

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