Jane Rhodes

Professor of Black studies


Jane Rhodes-Professor and head of African American studies / Photo: Jenny Fontaine

Jane Rhodes — Photo: Jenny Fontaine

From Black Lives Matter activism, to television and other mediums, the issue of African American representation is at the forefront of American discussion.

Jane Rhodes is a historian who studies the role of mass media in Blacks’ political, intellectual and cultural exchanges and the representation of African Americans in television and film.

From freedom struggles in the 19th and 20th centuries to media and culture in contemporary social movements, she has explored how aggrieved communities use print, film, electronic media, music, or other expressive outlets as forms of resistance and empowerment. Her work also examines the gender politics of African American communities and social movements and Black expatriates across the Atlantic — particularly in Great Britain.

Rhodes is often a featured speaker at public programs on race, ethnicity, multiculturalism and identity.

Subject areas:

  • African American representation in TV and film
  • Race and gender in mass media
  • History of Black press
  • Media and social movements
  • African American women’s history
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