Lisa Powell

Distinguished Professor and Division Director of Health Policy and Administration


Lisa Powell

Lisa Powell

Dr. Lisa Powell’s research examines economics and health policy, with a focus on the effects of economic and environmental factors on food and beverage consumption, physical activity and obesity. She has explored how peers influence youth smoking and how alcohol consumption impacts educational and violence-related outcomes among college students.

Powell has published and presented a variety of papers on labor economics, and she holds an appointment as a fellow at Queen’s University, where she previously served as an associate professor of economics in the School of Policy Studies.

Powell is a distinguished professor and division director of health policy and administration in the UIC School of Public Health; director of the Illinois Prevention Research Center; and associate director of the Health Policy Center of UIC’s Institute for Health Research and Policy, where she is a fellow.

Subject areas:

  • Environmental factors
  • Obesity
  • Physical activity behaviors
  • Food consumption
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