Pauline Lipman

Professor, Educational Policy Studies


Pauline Lipman

Pauline Lipman. Photo: UIC College of Education (select image to download larger size)

Pauline’s Lipman’s teaching, research, and activism grow out of her commitment to social justice, focusing on race and class inequality in education, globalization and the political economy of urban education.  She is particularly concerned with the relationship of education policy, urban restructuring and the politics of race.

A member of the coordinating committee of Teachers for Social Justice-Chicago, Lipman is active in coalitions of teachers and community organizations. She is a co-director of the Data and Democracy Project and has led collaborations with organizations to produce policy reports on educational injustices.

In Chicago and nationally, she contributes frequently to forums of parents and teachers, as well as to media coverage of school issues.

Her most recent book, “The New Political Economy of Urban Education: Neoliberalism, Race, and the Right to the City,” argues that education is integral to neoliberal economic and urban restructuring, with attendant class and race inequalities, as well as to the potential for a new democratic social order.

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