Fall 2020 fee adjustment

Dear Students,

From the beginning of this global pandemic we have focused on the needs of our students as we recognize that the disruption to University life has impacted each of you significantly. Faculty and staff have worked diligently to move classes online in order for you to pursue your education, and at the same time we have continued to offer as many support services as possible in a remote manner.

Many of you have asked about the possibility of a UIC reduction in tuition and student fees this fall. After careful consideration, we will once again be able to provide an adjustment to the service fee this semester, since the COVID-19 restrictions have hindered your ability to fully utilize the available student services. At the same time, we expect that all Fall 2020 semester courses will be completed as scheduled, and therefore, we cannot provide a similar adjustment for tuition.

Each student will see an adjustment to the amount of the service fee as follows:

  • All UIC students that paid the full fee amount of $353 (Range I or II) will receive an adjustment and will be credited with $125.
  • Students that paid the $235 (Range III or IV) fee rate will receive an adjustment and will be credited with $83.
  • Any student with a balance owed to the University will have the credit applied to that balance.
  • Those students who have paid in full will receive a direct deposit transfer to the account on record.
  • Students should expect to see refunds credited to their accounts by October 30, 2020. If you have not already signed up for direct deposit we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

Due to debt service obligations and other fixed costs, fees that support ongoing facility maintenance or finance capital infrastructure costs cannot be adjusted. This would also apply to any fees for which services continue to be provided, including library and technology access, mental health counseling and advising fees.

As we continue to make plans for the spring semester, we will follow a similar process to determine any adjustments in student fees should the majority of courses remain online.

We wish you the best as you approach midterms!


Michael Amiridis

J. Rex Tolliver
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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