Fall 2021 Information for Undergraduate Students

Dear Undergraduate Students,

Registration for Fall 2021 classes will begin later this month. We plan to offer a large number of on-campus, in-person classes with the expectation that a significant number of individuals in our community will be vaccinated before the fall semester begins. Because we expect distancing to continue to be required, sections with enrollment of more than 100 students will be remote, either synchronously or asynchronously, as determined by the professor in charge of the class. Most sections of classes with enrollment of fewer than 100 students will meet on campus and follow all public health protocols, including required masking and distancing. This will mean that for most on-campus classes, all of the students enrolled in the class will not be able to attend in-person every day, so they will have the ability to view recorded/streamed lectures when not present in the classroom. Because we expect the availability of vaccines to increase, and state and local health and safety protocols to evolve over the coming months, specific information about which classes will be on campus, and how in-person attendance will be managed will not be announced until the end of this semester, at the earliest. The exception to this is sections with 100+ enrollment, which will be delivered remotely.  Additionally, accommodations will be made for students who for health reasons are unable to attend classes on-campus.

The delivery of graduate and professional classes will be determined by the departments and colleges.

As we plan for a return to more on-campus classes, we are also investigating how to provide more space for students to study and to stream classes while on campus in the safest possible way.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate this complex and unprecedented situation.


Susan Poser

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