Feedback Requested: Strategic Priorities Refresh

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, 

UIC undertook a collaborative and iterative effort to reaffirm our commitment to our Strategic Priorities established five years ago. The University has made tremendous progress over the last five years against those priorities in areas including academic expansion, faculty support and research growth, student success, and community engagement.  

Over the course of several months, we engaged four Working Groups, senior leaders, and external partners in a series of working sessions, surveys, and other activities to align on a refreshed set of strategic priorities to build upon the University’s momentum. 

We are grateful for the many faculty, staff, and students who have contributed to this effort by attending the two Strategic Priorities Town Halls and submitting questions. We are considering all this input from our University community as we refine our draft priorities.

As we continue to finalize the refresh to our strategic priorities, we invite any member of the UIC community to provide further feedback. We have updated the Strategic Priorities page on the UIC website where the draft materials and other information about the process can be found. For those that wish to provide feedback, we ask that you do so by Friday, July 9, 2021, for the fullest consideration by me and the university leadership team as we finalize the refreshed priorities. 

If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 

We look forward to receiving your feedback. 


Michael D. Amiridis

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