No more hot flashes?

Pauline Maki

Pauline Maki, professor of psychiatry and psychology. Photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin

“A large proportion of the customer base of these stores is made up of people who are struggling economically, including many minority group members. These same groups are those increasingly and disproportionately affected by the adverse consequences of cigarettes and other tobacco products.”

Patricia Finn, chair of the department of medicine and president of the American Thoracic Society, urging dollar stores and other discount retailers to follow CVS in ceasing sales of tobacco products, Feb. 19 Chicago Tribune


“We don’t know why this works, but it opens up new avenues for exploring the generation of hot flashes.”

Pauline Maki, professor of psychiatry and psychology, on her study that found a common nerve block treatment for pain may provide relief for women with moderate to severe hot flashes, Feb. 17 HealthDay News


“A lot of the people I’ve met in New York have always said true New Yorkers are Mets fans. So I’m excited to get a chance to see them all out there.”

UIC graduate and Major League Baseball player Curtis Granderson on his move from the New York Yankees to the New York Mets, Dec. 10 USA Today

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