HPC Partnership Program: Deadline approaching for new node investments

Dear researchers,

ACER is thrilled to announce that our summer call for high-performance computing node purchases has officially begun. This is our second call for purchases since the HPC Partnership Program was restarted at the beginning of this year.

What is the HPC Partnership Program?
The HPC Partnership Program allows researchers to acquire state-of-the-art HPC nodes equipped with the latest advancements in processor architectures, memory capacities and storage solutions, without the responsibility of purchasing and maintaining the nodes themselves. These nodes will be part of a new HPC cluster scheduled to come online later this fall.

How can researchers participate in the HPC Partnership Program?
Researchers wishing to take part in this program have several purchasing choices available, including options for traditional CPU or GPU-accelerated machines. The standard CPU compute node features two 32-core Intel 8358 (Ice Lake) Platinum Processors and 256 GB of memory. Higher memory machines with 1 and 4 TB of memory are also available. GPU-accelerated nodes can be purchased with either quad Nvidia A100 or quad Nvidia A40 co-processors. Five years of maintenance is also included with the purchase. Additional hardware specifications and pricing can be found in the HPC Partnership section of ACER’s Resource Pricing.

How can I request support or more information?
To request resources, please visit High-Performance Research Computing and select the “Request HPC Resources” button. The deadline for node purchases in Summer 2023 is Friday, Aug. 18. The next call for HPC resources will take place in fall. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at acer@uic.edu.

The HPC Partnership Program is made possible by UIC leadership under the Forward Initiative and reinforces our mission to modernize cyberinfrastructure and expand research support and services.


Himanshu Sharma
Associate CIO for Research Technologies and Innovation

For more information, please contact:
Himanshu Sharma

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