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iClicker Cloud is a classroom response system that allows faculty to create pre-selected or ad-hoc questions that are asked during class. There is no need to purchase a dedicated iClicker device–students can use their smartphones, tablets, or laptop to answer questions and have their responses recorded. Starting this Fall, instructors can use the cloud version with the link to Blackboard and all students registering for iClicker courses at UIC will have free access to iClicker student mobile. Now is a great time to try out this engagement tool for your on-campus blended synchronous, online synchronous and asynchronous, or on-campus hybrid courses. 

Instructors can access iClicker Cloud in three ways: 

  1. The desktop software is your hub for running synchronous polling, quizzing, and attendance activities.
  2. The instructor website is your hub for accessing information outside live class time, such as class history, creating assignments for asynchronous and synchronous learning, and for managing roster and gradebook data. 
  3. The iClicker Cloud Mobile instructor app allows you to control polling and advance slides from your phone or tablet. However, desktop software is still required for running synchronous class activities.

To get started with iClicker, you will first need to create a free iClicker Cloud instructor account, either from the iClicker Cloud website or via desktop software.

Next, you will need to create your course either on the instructor website or in the iClicker Cloud desktop software. Make sure you include a course name and enough details to make it easy for your students to identify the course. Your students will use the information you supply during the course creation process to correctly identify your iClicker course and participate in your class activities in the student app. 

This iClicker Cloud instructor checklist covers all the steps you should take to get ready to use iClicker Cloud in your course for the term. Students can consult the iClicker student checklist to get started with the iClicker mobile app.

Stay tuned for UIC-focused iClicker training sessions very soon!

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